Ali Bomaye!



I went to bed last night reading that Muhammed Ali had been hospitalised and in a critical state. I remember thinking that 2016 had taken a few greats already, and hopefully Ali would not be on that list just yet. Sadly, I woke up to my Twitter feeds filled with tributes and messages reflecting on the greatness of Muhammad Ali as he had passed away through the night. Continue reading


Monday Motivation: The Science of Motivation 

Keeping motivated is a task within itself. For many it is something we struggle with and it certainly doesn’t come naturally. Although January Blues were so last month, a few of us may still have the final traces of it. Thankfully science is here to save the day. This video is packed with all kinds of tips to help you motivate yourself. Let’s start February with a little umph and have a blooming awesome month!! Enjoy 🌸