Motivation Monday: Seize the Day 

Happy Monday Folks!

If you’re reading this then your very fortunate, you’ve woken up and be given the opportunity to have another go! So today we are not going to ponder of the mistakes or regrets of yesterday because we need to embrace the present. Today is a new day, we can use it help stir us where we want to be.

 My advise for you this morning is to live a little, do something that you’ve always contemplated on doing but not actioned it because it was too daring.
Be sure to laugh more! Laughter is free medicine. It doesn’t matter if people on your daily commute are stone faced, be their sunshine and give them a little smile and brighten up their day.
When your day is near to an end just take a little time out to reflect, you’ll smile, you may giggle you may even think some of it were cringe worthy. But when it’s all said and done you’ve realised how blessed you are, same again tomorrow!!
I would love to hear how you’ve seized the day, please share.

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