Motivation Monday: You Are Blooming Awesome 

Sometimes we are our harshest critics. We place emphasis on our shortcomings that we forget how amazing we are. Please, do not let society tell you otherwise! When the going gets tough, I want you to refer to these reminders of why you are simply amazing!

You Are You & You Alone

Everything about you is unique, there is no one out there who shares your story. Even twins, identical & all have attributes that set them apart from the other. The losses, gains, hardships and joys that you have encountered throughout life is exactly what makes you amazing. Who knows, your story may one day be a no. 1 best seller 😉

You Have Flawless Imperfections

Believe it or not some of GQs ‘hottest males/females’ all have something that they would like to perfect, so don’t allow societies heavily photoshopped images and manufactured personas make you feel insecure. Besides, how boring would life be if we were all ‘perfectly’ the same? Our imperfections set us apart and make you, YOU!

You’re Destined for Greatness

With a combination of your flawless imperfections and simply being you, you are surely equipped for greatness! Your life experiences has allowed you to grow both personally and professionally. And hey presto, you’re ready to take on the challenges that come your way.



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