Pick Me Up Wednesdays #1

If like me you live in the UK and are sceptical of our chances of seeing a few continuous warmer and brighter days this summer, don’t be, I’ve checked Met Office stats and they seem pretty optimistic! So to all my fellow sun-seekers, whether having a stay-cation or going over the pond here are a few quotes to get you stoked for the summer! 

Work Hard. Play Hard
Everyone wants to utilise the warmer and longer days. You may be stuck in the office all day, but come close of play your ready to meet up with friends for a few summer bevvys, you may be having a BBQ, or enjoying the scenes that your city has to offer. I tend to find the buzz of summer gives you new found energy and as long as the sun is out to play you can do it all 7 days of the week.

Live A Little
It’s important to enjoy yourself and feel good whilst doing it too. So if this means treating yourself to a few summer prices then do so. Or why not treat yourself to a little getaway? Summer only comes for all of for weeks in a year (in the UK’s case anyway) so it’s really important to live life a little on the edge and enjoy the golden rays of the sun.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Now I’m not saying take of all your clothes and walk around naked πŸ˜‚ but how nice is it to actually wear less layers of clothes, in some cases not needing a coat as the summer warmth will keep you heated and your skin looking radiant.

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas
You may not be going to Vegas, and you may not be travelling anywhere. The point is that all things that happen in the summer, stays in the summer. Summer kisses, romances, hook ups, over spending anything that you may have done in the name of YOLO it all stays in summer. So no naming and shaming friends and hopefully they won’t do the same to you 😜

Memories Last Forever
When you’re out there having fun be sure to enjoy it. Laugh hard, take pictures and do things that you’ve always wanted to do. And most importantly do it in good company.
Here’s to having a fab summer petals xo

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