Pick Me Up Wednesdays #2

Mind how you go, there is a camel in the way ­čɬ

Nonetheless we must keep on climbing that proverbial hill to get through the week. And here a few tips to keep you persevering:

Look how far you’ve already come┬á

When you feel like giving up or discouraged look back take a little peek at how far you’ve come already. You’ve done so well. So you can’t give up now!

Remind yourself why you started 

In the grand scheme of things there is always an end result or a purpose to why you started. So bare this in mind when you find that your motivation is beginning to fizzle out because the end result is worth it, so keep on going.

Treat yourself 

The steep humps of life are often tricky, so it’s important to reward yourself every so often to keep you motivated. Plan this around the different milestones in your journey and don’t forget that final treat once you’ve achieved the goal.


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