Pick Me Up Wednesdays #3

This post is one more for me and my pals (and anyone else) that has finished uni and missing it… Occasionally I get flashbacks of the great and not so great times that I had whilst living it up in the South West of England, where summers are really summers and winter can be so bleak and miserable that all you can do is study. I went from being pampered at home (which I loved), to my first time living away from home and being independent. I learnt so much and had so much fun with it. Clubbing Monday right through to Sunday if I wanted to, strolling in at the wee hours of the morning, hosting house party’s, friends became family… Ahh don’t get me started uni was fun. For those who are yet to go to university I strongly recommend opting living away from home, you won’t be disappointed. But I digress, as I was saying, I sometimes get flashbacks of my time at university often wish I could go back and then I think ‘heck no I don’t’ and here is why:

Being Pampered


For some this does not apply, but this is my reality. I love being at home, my parents still fuss over me just as if I were still that little tot from yesteryear. And I’m loving and milking it for everything that it’s worth. It’s so refreshing to have someone there to have your back and pick up the pieces where you may occasionally mess up. Home cooked meals are no long devoured but savoured. So as much as you may think your parents are cramping your style, they are really doing you a favour, saving us from the harsh rent prices particular for those of us who live in the city and giving you that pedal-stall to get it right when the time comes.



I don’t know about you but my time spent as a student were not my richest days. My first flavour of a salary came in my third year when I was fortunate to have an industrial placement and my oh my did I feel rich. Then when that year was over I went back to being a penny pinching student and my oh my did I miss that sterling pound. When you finish, and you finally get a job it feels so nice to know you have your monthly income to use for what ever it is you may want to spend it on.

Family and Friends   

I think this is the hardest part of going away for university. All that was familiar to you becomes unfamiliar and your aunt isn’t down the road to make you your favourite dish. And nor is your dad easily accessible to help fix the broken boiler. Equally all my close friends from home lived within the square mile so meet ups were so easy, a quick stroll down the road and I would find myself in my friends back garden continuing our whatsapp conversation. Time spent away from your nearest and dearest really makes you appreciate them, it’s nice to be back in their company with a few additional lifetime friends gained from uni to add to the mix.


As much as adult life may seem daunting and the comfort of being a student no longer exists. Post uni life isn’t all that bad, in my journey  of having a positive outlook to life I’m beginning to see that the opportunities available to us are endless. We just need to be readily open to them.

See so it’s not all that bad now is it?


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