Schooling Life

“I’m not a teacher but I can teach you something. I’m not preacher but we can pray if you want to. I’m not a Dr but I can make you feel better ”

I know the BeyHive 🐝 will appreciate this, and so I dedicate this post to you.

Click play and enjoy the read and song. Here’s to schooling life…

This is for them twenty-something’s, time really moves fast you were just sixteen

According to BuzzFeed here are a few things that sum up your 20s.

Attempting to erase past mistakes

   This is so me 


  Being innovative

  Realising the error of your ways

.This is for them thirty-something’s that didn’t turn out exactly how your mum and dad wanted you to be

When you’re in your 30s I would like to assume that you have a lot of things worked out:

  • You know yourself
  • You’re over the insecurities of your 20s
  • With that you’re confident
  • You haven’t quite hit a midlife crisis
  • You live life to the fullest and laugh hard because you know that life is too short

This is for them forty-something’s…. Well raise up your glass and laugh like a…

Midlife crisis! What midlife crisis?

  • You’re still young
  • You have a property or properties
  • You know what you want and how to get it
  • People look up to you
  • You’re comfortable with who you are

This is for them fifty-something’s hell your half way there baby take it to the head

Pretty self explanatory

At which stage according to Queen Bey 👑🐝 are you schooling life? Which was your favourite stage of life?


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