Feel Good Friday – #100daysofhappiness 

Happiness is a journey.. Not a destination

Two Thursday’s ago I successfully completed #100daysofhappiness and it was a good 100 days. Not necessarily constantly happy but there was always an element of happiness that made the day have a little good in it.

      IMG_0477 IMG_0510 IMG_0538 IMG_0567

My aim wasn’t to bore my Facebook friends with endless images of food (that was the main source of my happiness lol) nor was it to show off and say “look at how happy my life is”. 

IMG_0575 IMG_0614 IMG_0642 IMG_0724

Rather I wanted to show that happiness can come in all forms. Some may have looked at the images/ a few quotes and videos that I shared and thought this is ridiculous “how does this make her happy?”

  IMG_0728 IMG_0776 IMG_0544 IMG_0730

But I kid you not, all 100 posts were genuine sources of enjoyment. Yes of course, there were a few obvious and easy sources of happiness, for example when I knew I was meeting up with friends I would be able to predict that my happiness may come from there that day. Equally there were days were I was overwhelmed with happiness and didn’t know which to share.

What I certainly can tell you is that life has more troughs than anything else and there is occasional relief. The way we chose to overcome them is entirely dependent on the individual . Sometimes yes we want to enjoy our 5 minutes of wallowing, after all misery enjoys company. However, what good does that do for you? Personally, I think it does more damage than any good.

              IMG_3006 IMG_3415 IMG_1179 IMG_1825 IMG_2158

So after successfully completing 100 Happy Days I feel committed to enjoying a life time of happiness. And not necessarily focusing on my own happiness but also trying to leave a bit of happiness in others too.

      IMG_3584 IMG_1750

My first stop was starting this blog. I enjoy writing and thought I could put it to use. During the 100 days I decided to start blogging again dedicating the blog to positivity and motivation, not necessarily to gain a following or readership but purely for the zen writing positive things gives me.

IMG_2920 IMG_3290 IMG_1592

What I’ve learnt over the 100 days is that no matter how crap your day is, there is always an element of happiness no matter how small it may be. I found that the little things made my day more than things that may have seemed grand.
Some days really emphasised how blessed I truly was. Especially for the little things in life.

IMG_1102 IMG_1555 IMG_3216 IMG_3175

During those 100 days many things occurred in the news across the globe that made my problems seem very irrelevant. It also made me realise how I take so many things for granted and how sometimes I overlook things and underestimate the importance of the small stuff.

I hope you enjoyed some of the photos from the journey.

100th Day of Happiness


Thank you

And last but not least I want to thank my colleagues, particularly Istie for showing an interest in the challenge of happiness I set myself. Celeste, for equally showing an interest and giving me life with her comments  😛 and to all those who have taken time out to ask me about it and taken the time out to let me know they’ve found it interesting.

So here is to the past 100 days of happiness and here is to a lifetime of happiness

Happy Life All 🌷🌼


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