Food For Thought: STK

Not too long ago a friend of mine and me were in search of somewhere we could meet up and indulge in some good food. We decided on STK, we had heard many good things about the place. Dressed to the nines an Essex and Surrey girl were ready to be wined and dined at one of London’s top ‘hotspot’.

After our long pedicab journey up the Strand it was nice to be seated and welcomed with a STK Martini, in true James Bond fashion the Martini was eloquently “shaken and not stirred” with Grey Goose, grapefruit, passion fruit and orange bitters.

Thirst quenched, bearings gathered, we were ready to order…



For starters we both opted for the Lil’ BRGs which was accompanied by a brioche loaf and blue cheese oil… The brioche was much appreciated but the blue cheese oil not so much, the smell was very strong and overbearing, particularly as we surrounded by a stench of blue cheese oil.


The Lil’ BRGs were the cutest and tastiest things ever, despite wanting more at the time I think 2 per person was just enough.

Another round of Martinis and it was time for the main course.


As the meat eaters that we are, we both opted for the USDA feather steak & prawn medium to well done (of course) accompanied with mac & cheese, sautéed greens and parmesan truffle chips.



Food selfies taken we were ready to tuck in…


Plates empty, and needing another source of energy to fuel our natter, desert was just what we needed.

It was “lego” for me, a lemon meringue pie with lemon curd and sherbet and rocky road for my friend.


All in in all I really enjoyed the experience at STK, out of 5 I would give them a 3. The service was good but I have experienced better. Similarly, I found the place to be really busy and a result felt rushed. The food was nice but I think a tad overpriced, coming in at a whooping £140. Nonetheless, it was  great evening and made even better in great company.

I do recommend you visiting if you haven’t already. Just be prepared to for the little hole that will be left in your pocket.

If you have been before do share your experience..


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