Motivation Monday: Comfort Zone 

 Imagine bubble wrap filled with cotton wool securely placed in cement, that’s what my comfort zone is like. I’ve recently began to realise that it can be very dangerous when you leave no room for adventure or excitement in your life. Often we rely greatly on familiarity and safety of our surroundings. Rather, I found that by being too comfortable I was consumed by boredom and anxiety.

My mother always refers to this quote, especially when I say I would like to do something but never make takeoff. But having experienced living life on the edge a little, I have found that I am more confident, and more willing to take a chance. With that here are a few points (that’s if you need it) on how you can break the walls of your comfort zone:

(I had to share this, I currently have Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out” in my head as I write this, so now I have to listen to it and put the video up. So click play and get that umph it just gave me).

1) Face Your Fears


We all have that one thing that we bow to, to others they may consider our fear to be irrational, but my oh my does it affect your day to day life. We go to extreme lengths to circumvent these circumstances/encounters. But is it really worth it? I use to dart across the road, not taking note of the speeding cars, if a dog was on the same side of the pavement as me. I’m not saying my fear of dogs has disappeared but I’m slowly facing my fears and I no longer cross the road (unless it looks scary of course my only option is to dart across the road) but you get my point, I’ve increased my life expectancy and decreased my likelihood of being hit by a car. By letting go of some of my fears, I’ve found that I have allowed more room for positive energy and excitement. After all a little discomfort never harmed anyone did it?

2) Embrace The Unknown


When I was younger I would often sit and spend a lot of time trying to second guess the outcome of different scenarios. If I decided to do scenario a then I would get this result, and if I opted for scenario c as long as ‘this person was at this place at a certain time then x would occur’. Even reading that I bet you got a headache right? It’s no wonder as a child I probably suffered from migraines. Just constant overthinking and working myself up. With time I’ve learnt that this is not at all healthy. Letting go and embracing the unknown can be a daunting thing but I reassure you that with the unknown comes a sense of excitement.

3) Just Do It


We can choose to make excuses or take action. Often we go for the former, as those excuses wrapped up in reasons look appealing. Normally, when I go down the excuse route it means that I’m scared of the change action can bring. But really what is the worst that can happen? Do not cave in to the sweet temptations of excuses, because action is calling you!


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