Wanderlust: Athens

Three weeks back I was fortunate to travel to Athens for a few days with work. Despite it not being a holiday I was adamant to utilise my free time and see the sights that this great city had to offer.

And as expected, it did not disappoint. 

Whilst roaming with my colleagues we climbed some dizzy heights     900 feet above sea level and we finally made it to see the sunset

   Luckily we made it in time to visit the Chapel of St George

  It was only right that I said a few prayers   

   All that walking had taken its toll on me, luckily there was a bench to perch myself on whilst I waited for the others  Food was always an amazing experience and I could not get enough of it 

  After working hard all week long it was nice to have an organised event with the colleagues in a relaxed and non-working environment   

  I also had time for a history lesson or two


   It just me, or does that not like the Statue of Liberty engraved into the stone?    … I even had enough time to roam around and get lost  

When you forget your selfie stick, you learn learn to make do with your phone and bag to take your snaps

   I clearly have a thing for doors   


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