Motivation Monday: Change 

I’ve started to realise that all good things that have happened in my life have in some way or another been as a result of change. The outcome may not have always been as I expected it to be, but the outcome of me being brave and taking a leap into the unknown has always been personal growth. And so if you’re feeling a little resistant to change and need a little encouragement out of your comfort zone here are some selling points as to why change can be good.

New Beginnings  

Sometimes with change comes new beginnings, the opportunity to start a new page afresh, there is nothing more exciting than taking on something new.


The opportunities available to us are endless, so it’s so important to grab them when they come our way and to kick out any fear. We all know that fear is the enemy of progress.

The personal growth you make when taking a leap into the unknown feels so rewarding. So what are you waiting for?


Embracing change is a sign of making progress towards that goal you set out to achieve, so keep on keeping on!

Life is never plain sailing, however that’s not to say it’s not worth the ride. The next time you feel overwhelmed by change, remember to initiate the change that will help you to reach your aspirations.

After all, without change how do we flourish?



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