Motivation Monday: Reap What You Sow

At Church I am constantly reminded of a bible passage ‘you reap what you sow”. And I think this is true, regardless of your religious beliefs or ideologies what you put out is what you get back. 

My mother only this morning sent me one of her many daily inspirational words of wisdom and with it came an accompanying attachment to read, inspiring today’s post. It put things in to real life context, highlighting that we can reap and sow words and attitudes too, and not just literal harvest.

I think sometimes we expect a return on our shoddy efforts. I for one have at one point or another been guilty of this. For example, not putting in effort in a friendship but getting upset when that effort wasn’t reciprocated. But unfortunately life doesn’t work like that.

You’ve got to really graft and put in the effort if you really want the result you’re looking for. Similarly, it’s tempting to sow bad seeds because of the environment you are in, people doing wrong towards you provoke you to do wrong towards them too. You begin to engage in this never ending cycle of bad mouthing and slander, and are offended when your name is at the forefront of a scandal.

I kid you not, it really isn’t worth it. Think about that return on your investment.

No matter the challenge, the negativity or how pushed to your limit you may feel rise above it and put out forgiveness, patience, love, kindness and peace. And I hear you say to yourself, it’s easier said than done, and I agree however, you not doing it for them your doing it for yourself!
So today I encourage you to only sow good things, positive things, kind things. Don’t allow someone’s negative energy ruin your return on investment and have the opportunity to negatively influence your peace of mind.

Remember you are a flower with many petals to flourish. You wouldn’t water flowers with weed killer now would you? 😉


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