The Cure: Love Mondays 

Monday is fast approaching and many will wake up to find that they have caught Monday Blues. I don’t know about you but I do not fancy getting sucked into the sadness. So here are a few personal and partially researched instant happiness tips that will help to lift your spirits. After all we want to start the week as we would like it to go on…

Preparation is key

I have said it before and I’ll say it again failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So with that being said, it’s all about your preparation. On Sunday night plan your Monday outfit (something bright, it’ll add towards preventing the blues). Equally, prep your lunch if you’re taking leftovers in & make sure that your work bag is also packed. Because there is nothing worse than faffing around in the morning trying to find your travel card.

And don’t forget to set your alarm!


It’s still the weekend, do something that is relaxing and not too heavy on the brain. For me I’m off to have a candlelit soak and indulge in the offerings of Netflix.

Get a good nights sleep! 

For me sleep is everything. I average 8 hours a night, anything less and I am unlikely to wake up my usual happy self. In all you shouldn’t deprive yourself of sleep but on a Sunday you should be looking to have an early night.

🌼 Happy Sunday 🌼


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