My brother is off to university on Thursday 🙀 as he does his last minute shopping, preps and packs for this new chapter of his life, I’ve began to feel a little nostalgic. It was what feels like only yesterday that I too was doing the same thing. And so I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to my brother and anyone else who is about to embark on this exciting yet daunting experience.

So to all freshers reading, here are a few tips that are worth making note of:

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Enjoy Yourself

Sitting here writing this, I’m thinking did I enjoy university enough.. I can’t stress enough how important it is to enjoy every moment of your time as a university student. I think that enjoying the experience is equally as important as getting the degree itself. After all when you finally graduate it’s done. And even when you progress to do your Masters or another degree it just isn’t the same as the first time. So please please enjoy it.

Embrace the Change
Where I went to university was completely different from the area I was coming from. My university was by the sea and so there was lots on offer in regards to water sports. I strongly recommend trying new things especially things you may not have considered before. Some of the opportunities at university are once in a life time. Be brave and experiment.

Join a Club or Society
During freshers week you’ll come across a range of societies. From sport societies, to subject based societies to societies that you never thought existed, be sure to join at least one. Societies are a great way to meet new people outside of your halls and and course… And their socials tend to be absolutely amazing!

Freebies and Discounts
I have never received as many freebies in my life as I had done when I was a student. During Fresher’s Week you’ll find freebies on and around campus in every corner. Take them all I say. The pens, mugs, notepads, the slice of pizza, the can of baked beans and the toilet roll. Take them all!!

Don’t Forget Your Family
For many, university is the first time you’ve spent a substantial amount of time away from home. And so your parents/guardians are definitely going to worry about you. It is so easy to get sucked in to the bubble of uni life that you forget to check in at home… Be sure to do so every now and then, a little update doesn’t harm anyone. You might want to leave out the part about waking up in a bin…

Look After Yourself
In all the excitement it’s so easy to forget about your general health. Try not to catch the dreaded freshers flu and always take time out to reciprocate and relax.

I hope you have found the tips to be useful and all the best with it all! For seasoned students and graduates do share any tips for freshers enroute to university.


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