The Cure: Sunday Hacks

Many people seem to have a love hate relationship with Sunday. Why? I don’t know. Well, actually I do. Sunday is the last day of the weekend, here in the UK it is anyway, which means, quicker than I can type this sentence follows the dreaded Monday. But to be completely honest, it actually isn’t all that bad.. Sunday is equally part of the weekend, and can be enjoyed too. However, there are a few Sunday routines that I strongly recommend you start now that will you help you to have a good start to your week.

As I read somewhere once before…

A Sunday Well Spent Brings A Week of Content


I’m full of sayings and one of my all time fav is failing to prepare if preparing to fail. In order to have a successful week I strongly believe that you have to have some sort of plan. So note it all down, tasks that you need to prioritise in regards to work, appointments you have, household chores, you name it, but whatever it is if it’s put it all down in whatever tool you use to organise your life (and if you have no tool yet, get one!!). By planning a week in advance I’ve found that I’ve had smoother weeks in comparison to when I haven’t planned.


I hate doing laundry and for that reason I do mine during the week, but for some Sunday is the day to get the washing machine spinning and he iron heated. Bottom line is, if on Sunday morning you have no clean socks left and your wardrobe is looking a little scarce, be sure to get the laundry and ironing done.

Unwind & Pamper

Now these two are very important, it’s essential that you take some time out to relax, not think of anything too strenuous whilst you let your face mask do it’s job. After all, Sunday’s are meant to be a day of rest.

What is your Sunday routine?


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