Uni Tips from Bloggers

Following on from my blog post a few weeks back, in regards to freshers week, I asked the ‘bloggersphere’ to share any tips that they have from their own experience at university to share with any freshers reading.

And so check out what these lovely ladies had to say, and also check out their blogs too 😉

Siobhan from siobhanrothwell.wordpress.com
Studied English at Stirling University
Her advice “Take time to call home, feeling homesick is only natural

A view from her halls whilst at Stirling

Joanne of freckkleface.blogspot.co.uk
Currently studies Acting at Bath Spa University
Her advice “buy in bulk!  I have some tips and advice on my blog too!

Joanne & her besties at the summer ball this year

Emma of emmaspicturepostcards.wordpress.com
Studied German and Spanish at University of Aberdeen
Her advice “Try new things, speak to every1, join sports&clubs you’d never have expected – don’t stick to safe old school hobbies&chums!”
A classic grad pic


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