FoMo: Fear of Missing Out


FOMO otherwise known as the ‘Fear of Missing Out’… Some of you may be reading this thinking to yourself the fear of missing out on what? But believe it or not it is common for people to feel that they are missing out on something great when they don’t attend an event or feel down that they never went on that all girls holiday. But as I previously mentioned before, the grass always appears to be greener on the other side.

If you have ever had a case of FOMO or are currently in that frame of mind I’m here to reassure you that it’s not all that bad and you may actually not be missing out on much:

You Can’t Do Everything

Unless you’re some sort of super human it’s impossible to do everything, you can’t be at multiple places at the same time. Equally life circumstances means that you can’t afford to do it all or commit your time to the fun things because the more important things are screaming for your undivided attention or money… I say take time to savour and reminisce on the memories you do have. After all life isn’t a race, everything has its season and time.

Envy Is The Thief of Joy

Yes I’ve put my own twist on the saying however I think it’s applicable. If your FOMO is based on missing out because you may not have what others have I strongly urge you not to think like that. That’s borderline envy, and that can be emotionally draining. You’ll never be satisfied. Rather be grateful for what you do have. And work hard to achieve the things you will like to have. But in all things be thankful, there’s someone out there who is less fortunate than yourself and still smiling.

Be Appreciative 

Whilst being internally distressed that you’re missing out on things, you’re actually dismissing the things you have in your life. Yes it may have been cool to have gone to that concert you missed out on however, you’re off to a festival in a few weeks time. For every FOMO thought you have try to balance it out with something similar you have done or plan to do, you’ll begin to appreciate things a little more and realise that actually you’re not missing out on anything at all.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold 


When I was younger my mother would say “not all that glitters is gold” and at the time I didn’t get it, in fact it would just frustrate me and make me more upset that I wasn’t allowed to go to that party everyone else was going to. My parents surely had a reason that was unbeknown to me. But to be honest now I understand what she meant. And honestly not all that glitters is gold…

Have you ever experienced F.O.M.O? Do you have any tips on how to put things in to perspective when in fear of missing out?


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