Today  Saturday 10th October 2015 is World Mental Health Day and the theme this years is dignity in mental health. I for one would like to think that as a country, the UK has come a very long way in breaking the stigma and negative connotations with Mental Health.  HOWEVER, despite being enlightened and living in very educated times, mental health is still (in some parts of the world more than others) seen as a shameful thing.

Believe it or not there are more people out there suffering from mental health cases than we actually know about, here in the UK it is said that one in four people will at one point or another suffer from mental health problems. And although the term ‘mental health’ is very broad with various diagnoses’ for those suffering I would like to remind you that you are not alone!

For those who are yet to understand and educate themselves on mental health, it is important to be mindful and compassionate, because these are very real and genuine cases. Those suffering may at times not be able to explain how they feel or their emotions, but they don’t need to justify how they are feeling. Because they are real as physical alignments.

Fortunately, there is a range of support systems and treatments available. So if you feel that you would like to talk to someone because you feel that you are a silent sufferer of a mental illness I strongly encourage you to book an appointment with your Dr. there is no shame in it and it’s an admirable and very brave step to take. After all, we are in this world for a limited period of time and so it’s really important to put yourself first and allow yourself to enjoy the gift of life and all that this world has to offer

UK Mental Health Stats

Ignorance should not be an excuse as to why you should make someone else feel inferior or ashamed of something so sensitive. Mental Health affects everyone, young, old, female, male, black, white, rich, poor and all that is in between I strongly recommend that you visit the World Federation of Mental Health where you can find a lot of useful global information and stats regarding mental health. Equally, MentalHealth.Org.Uk has useful UK focused information.

Remember, no more stigma!


4 thoughts on “#WorldMentalHealthDay

  1. LifeTalks_blog says:

    Such a thoughtful post, the amount of negative stigma attached to mental health is disturbing. sometimes if people can’t understand someone else they try to put that person in a box to their level of understanding as opposed to actually just caring and being supportive and understanding. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • flourishingpetal says:

      I definitely agree! Unfortunately in life we at times to fail to take out time to simply understand the things we lack knowledge in, in this case Mental Health. But no one should be made to feel ashamed about it! Thank you for passing by 🌸


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