Here in England #Stoptober is a Public Health campaign challenging smokers to quit smoking during the month of October, with the likelihood that those who successfully abstain from smoking during the entirety of October are five times more likely to quit smoking permanently.

  A colleague of mine is a real life example that this can work, I think their determination and willpower has worked out to their advantage in what can be a very challenging time for some. Although he did not take part in the #Stoptober campaign, he has successfully completed over  2 months without smoking and I think that’s a great accomplishment and one definitely to be proud of.

I spoke to my colleague for any advice I could share on the blog. And the advice was that you’ve got to keep motivated, and have that motivation constantly there to help you along the way. Because as expected there will be days you crave to smoke more than others, but you should remember that you’re not a quitter and you can surely get through it!

So if anyone reading has quit smoking, struggling with #Stoptober, considering to quit smoking or knows anyone who would benefit from this post, then this is for you all.. This is to encourage you and remind you of the benefits of quitting:

Save Money💷

Cigarettes are very expensive and can cost anything from £5 to £10. If you’re someone who can go through a pack a day  this means you can spend anything between £35-£70 a week! So  think how much you could save in a month.. So to incentivise your successes you could start treating yourself with your loose change. 😉

Health 🏨

NHS suggest that by quitting smoking you reduce the risk of cancer and any other illnesses that have been associated with smoking. And with out your health how will you be able to enjoy your new found wealth?


By quitting smoking you’re doing you bit towards helping to reduce the various toxins that pollute the air and helping to combat global warming and the green house we currently live in. After all, the do say every little contribution helps 😉

If you’re contemplating whether to quit or not, know that it’s never too late, and if you put your mind to it you can successfully quit. It would be great to hear from you and your journey.. What advice do you have for those considering to quit smoking? How long have you successfully been a non smoker? 


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