Motivation Monday: Look Good Feel Good


I would like to say that 8 times out of 10 (and colleagues that are reading please correct me if I am wrong) I will wear something colourful or eye-catching to work. And increasingly, I’ve noticed people compliment me on what ever the item of clothing or accessory may be.

Personally wearing colour is a great way to express my individuality, constantly wearing black and grey just isn’t me (though I do think all black does look good). I think it has a subconscious affect on my outlook for the day, and I tend to have a glow of happiness around me as opposed to when I wear darker clothing… Yeah, I know. You’re reading this thinking what a load of…. But I kid you not this is all scientifically proven.

I’ve read various research findings, and results have suggested that colour in your clothing can really make a difference to your mood, which has a knock on effect on your day.

Offices/Schools/Institutions all tend to be grey mix that with their artificial lighting and you’ve got a perfect recipe for a guaranteed mood dampened environment. But a yellow jumper, or those turquoise socks that are in the wash basket or even that statement necklace hanging on your jewellery mannequin can help contribute towards lifting the mood in such environments. Unfortunately, winter is here for a little while, but this should not be a reason for us to feel deflated. Yes it may be raining, but this is what I say, go and purchase a multicoloured umbrella and create a rainbow!

This week I challenge you to wear something of colour to not only brighten up your day but to brighten those you encounter. Let’s create our own sunshine. Let me know whether it worked or not?

Have a blooming awesome week 💮


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