One afternoon I saw my pal Char exchange some tweets with Sarah regarding a lifestyle workshop she was running, and being the nosey person that I am I was very intrigued to find out what this was all about. So once I had found out what the workshop entailed it was an obvious no brainer, I would be in attendance.

Once I arrived to the hideout that can be found in the basement Studio of O Bag I was treated with a thirst quenching treat from Ginger & Mint.I’m sure that you will agree that the journey from Essex to Crouch End is thirsty work and so this bad boy was definitely what the Dr ordered.

Once everyone had arrived we started off our day with a Yoga class by the lovely Che. Now, I don’t know whether it was Che’s calming voice and calming presence but I felt very at peace with the world and ready to sleep after her session.

I was ecstatic when Che provided us with her post card with some yoga positions, as I now have some guidance to help me utilise my yoga mat a little more.

Sadly, my stomach was grumbling and so sleep was no longer on my mind.. And just as the cry of my stomach began to get louder Basilico came to rescue the day with a spread made for the tastebuds.

To fill up our Halloween plates, we were spoilt for choice with a range of freshly made salads. And some unexpected garlic bread. My favourite salad of the day.

Adding to the ambience of the room was this lovely arrangement provided by the guys over at Bloom and Wild.

IMG_1607I titled this picture ‘Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters’ which won me this cool tin of tea form Ringtons, with a real working clock may I add.
  I was loving the flower wall decor so much that I had to take a selfie.
I even got my new pal the Fit Advisor to get in on the selfie action too hehe.

After all the eating and discussions that we had at lunch we were then joined by Zannah from Beta Ki focusing on mind, body and message therapy. We were then educated on Tai Chi and Qi Gong, we even practiced some of the more simpler moves, though I am still yet to master what I have been taught.

And just as we thought the day couldn’t get any better we were gifted with a bag filled with loads of goodies. I’ll leave you to imagine what treats were in there, but what I will say is that they were all blooming awesome! A big thank you to Sarah, Zazzle and OBag for the ccollaboration to ensure this day happened.

However, I once I got home I had realised that I had left my charger at OBag and luckily Marcia had picked it up and saved it for me. And so the next day I headed back up to Crouch end, but I drove. So I had a bit of spare time, and what was very interesting which I hadn’t taken the time out to notice the day before was that the store was unique, in that it allows customers to build their own bag. So it all works out for the better good of man, I have now found a lovely unique store and I have my charger back.



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