A Jar of Gratitude 

After doing 100 Days of Happiness earlier on this year I realised that despite the troughs in life, each has its very own mini peak. So in everyday there is something to be thankful/happy about. That’s why for 2016 I thought I’d encourage you to join me in practicing an attitude of gratitude in 2016.

And I’ve found a practical way in which we can all ensure that we are doing so. *drum roll* introducing the Gratitude Jar!  




All you need to is find a jar, as big as possible because I have a funny feeling it’s going to be a long year filled with some blooming awesome days. Jazz it up, as fancy, pretty and personalised as you’ll like it to be. Now put it in a place where you won’t break it but won’t forget about it and as of 1st January, you should be filling your gratitude jar with the daily blessings that you’ve encountered.

When the year is up, empty the glass and reflect on all the things that you’ve been grateful in the past year.. You can repeat this process again in the upcoming New Year.

I look forward to hearing all about it and remember that in everything there’s happiness!

Peace and love petals ✨💕


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