Motivation Monday: #BloggersBelowZero

Happy Monday Petals! The only thing blue here is the pictures of the thermal cape I was given a few hours ago when I embarked on a cold sensory experience at ICEBAR London. With temperatures set to -5 degrees, canapés and a cocktail or two at the ready Lauren and Tom had us equipped for a networking experience to remember.

As I mingled with my fellow bloggers I remembered that there was once a time where you wouldn’t find me at events such as this. The thought of having to engage in conversation with people I didn’t know would really overwhelm me. Ok, so we are bloggers, we show each other love on Twitter, we engage in heartfelt Twitter chats and we’re each other’s blogging support system. But when it comes to meeting in person the thought becomes very daunting. So here are a few things that come to mind when I hear the term ‘networking’.

New Opportunities


Once you have over come the initial fear you realise how fun networking is, it may result in you getting some fab opportunities and experiences. You really don’t know who your talking to. You could be rubbing shoulders with big wigs in an industry that is of interest. Definitely be open minded, engage in conversation and work the room.

Meet New People

Networking is all about engaging and interacting with new people. They may not lead to the mentioned opportunities but it’s great to make new friends if not acquaintances. Because of ICEBAR London I’ve been able to make some new blogging pals in NatalieHayley and Sam  – hello ladies 👋 it was lovely to meet you!
Familiar Faces

And if you’re lucky you get to bump into some familiar faces, it’s lovely to go to an event and either knowingly or unknowingly bump into Pippa, Meg, Laura and Char 👌
Flee The Comfort Zone


I love talking about how we should all step out of our comfort zone 😉 Networking events are a great way to do so. All you need to do is find an event that focuses on something you’re interested in, and hey presto. Luckily, us bloggers share many interests, such as taking pictures of everything and anything we think will be great content for the blog. So on that basis asking someone to take a picture of you is a great ICEbreaker (see what I did there? 😅) from there the conversation usually just flows.
Carry A Card

One thing I fail to do, time and time again is to carry my cards, I seem to inconveniently always leave them at home. But seasoned networkers will tell you, a business card can lead to doors opening. So if you don’t have cards, I suggest in investing in getting them made and more importantly not to forget them when leaving your house, ever!

Departing Gifts

 And if you’re fortunate to go to a really good event, like this evenings, you are more than likely to leave with a goodie bag  (I know right!). So to end our night we were not only gifted with some ICEBAR London goodies but we were also treated with issue 18 of PHOENIX.


Once again a big thank you to all the people at ICEBAR London, Tom and Lauren for hosting an amazing evening and allowing us bloggers to experience temperatures below zero…brr. I look forward to visiting again! 

Here’s to a blooming awesome last week of Jan 2016! 🌸



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