Spring Forward

Happy Easter Petals & Happy Sunday! 

I don’t know about you but for me Easter is the sign that Spring has officially begun. The air smells fresh, trees begin to blossom and unfortunately the insect population begin to creep out from wherever they’ve been hiding for the past 5 months. But it’s all good, because we can begin to say goodbye to the cold and the harsh winds of the winter and look forward to the new things that comes with Spring. As I’ve said before spring is my favourite season alongside Autumn. If you’re wondering why, here’s why:

Daylight Savings

Who would have thought that by advancing the clocks forward an hour it would have such a positive impact? How? I hear you ask. Well, the longer days allow us to be more productive, accomplishing more than just attending work. One thing I certainly notice is how social people are, and despite initially losing an hours worth of sleep, people tend to be more happier, the sky tends to be bluer than usual and the birds chirp for longer. Tell me you don’t love spring!

Bank Holidays

With Spring comes a whole heap of bank holidays. Easter weekend and then 2 long weekends in May. I personally love a bank holiday they are always a good way to fit in some short distance travel, unwind or catch up with friends and family.


And on that note you’ve got to credit Spring for getting people out of hibernation. No longer shall we sit in front of our TVs like couch potatoes, it’s a time to get up and explore. To be honest there’s no real excuse not to, if you really want to there are so many things to do, free fun things too! After all, the great outdoors never did anyone any harm.

Strawberry Frappuccino’s

As soon as Spring comes in I head over to Starbucks on a weekly basis (if not more) and order my favourite Starbuck’s beverage. Yes I could have it in the winter too, as they serve it all year round, but it’s just not the same. It doesn’t hit the spot the same way as it does in Spring or Summer.

What do you like about spring? Is it your favourite season too? 🌷



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